Price: 1 800 000,00 €

Join the mood

Sometimes, a day at sea can be entertaining only for those who are not driving.
R6 was designed to engage everyone aboard. The helm station is better integrated with the cockpit with a side chaise longue, while the kitchenette is right behind the console seat.
Now you can pilot and enjoy the company.

Linear surfaces

The Xtensions bulwarks system is now equipped with a roto-translation system that expands the sundeck with no operation gaps. The beach area becomes even more pleasant and performing

A new idea

The sundeck is equipped with extractable safety gates that close the access to the steer during navigation to children or pets aboard.

Large / Larger / Even Larger


A simple touch and 30 seconds are what it takes to open the hydraulic XTensions bulwarks and turn the beach area into a 270 square feet terrace. It becomes a lounge, A sundeck with built-in deck chairs, Open space for parties. Anyway, you won’t get unnoticed.

The sundeck can accommodate a Transformer platform which rotates by 270° to support boarding and disembarking, diving, staying even closer to the water

Sleeping in cozy cabins

R6 can accommodate up to 3 spacious and bright double cabins, with hidden storage under the berths.

length (m)17.71
Width (m)6.30
draft (m) 1.30
fuel (l) 2100
Water (l)400
guests cruising16
guests sleeping
engine2 x VOLVO IPS 950 725 cv
speed (kn)28
Top speed (kn)36