ZAR Formenti 75

price: 50 000,00 €

Indicative informations and pictures.


The ZAR 75 is a semi rigid that combines extraordinary spaces and volumes with elegance and modernism of vanguard architectural lines.

On cruise, the ZAR 75‘s behaviour is excellent, the long, very pronounced “V” shaped hull guarantees an extraordinarily smooth impact in the wave.

Very fast, this boat offers nine seats in the way of cruise.

It become instantly  an expanse of cushions and transform it into a solarium.
length (m)7.02
Width (m)2.82
draft (m) 0.00
fuel (l) 0
Water (l)0
guests cruising0
guests sleeping0
engine1 x Suzuki 250 cv
speed (kn)0
Top speed (kn)0