OKEAN's shipyard is located near São Paulo in Brazil, and offers a range of motor boats between 15 and 25 meters (50 and 80 feet), available in several versions and imported into Europe by our brand Vanguard Yachts. To date, we sell four exclusive motorboats on the French Riviera: the OKEAN 50 X, the OKEAN 50 FLY, the OKEAN 80, and the OKEAN 55 with several variants (sport, coupe, limousine). These models, 100 % customizable and easily adjustable, therefore allow an infinite choice to satisfy each future owner and enjoy the sea to its best.

In collaboration with Italian designer Paolo Ferragni, OKEAN Yachts display impressive features designed to entertain and create a connection with the sea. OKEAN Yachts concentrate very trendy features with a straight bow, wide openings on the hull, the hard-top in carbon fiber or the windshield surrounding the cockpit. Two of the most striking features are the extendable hull balconies and a 360 degree view on the main deck. OKEAN Yachts has created the perfect style and layout to enjoy the outdoor environment, creating an immersive relationship experience with the ocean. OKEAN Yachts therefore builds unique yachts with elegant designs, while maintaining efficiency, enchantment and environmental responsibility at the same level.


Invite nature inside because there is an ocean of possibilities outside. Feel the connection between you, and the sea.  Feel the connection between OKEAN, and you.


OKEAN Yachts brings versatility, technology authenticity to the sea, making the environment and technology coexist in harmony. For OKEAN, navigating is to pursue the infinite. Inviting nature to enter through the 360° view, created by side decks that open fully is remarkable. An essentially premium space, for those who want to make the sea their home.


OKEAN Yachts uses state-of-the-art raw materials, such as Kevlar and carbon fiber which make vessels light, resistant and economical. Differentials such as the infusion process in all parts, including carpentry and upholstery where safety, comfort, and excellent navigation is guaranteed.