In 2012, Bernhard van Oranje made his childhood dream come true by starting his own boat brand. He founded Waterdream with the purpose of taking aquatic life to the next level. Vanguard Yachts has been partnered with Waterdream for more than 5 years, and the wow factor is present every time at sea with both California 52 and 65 which are the ones we sell here on the French Riviera. However, Waterdream reveals 7 boats, all built in Netherlands.  

In this Dutch company's dream, boats are both seaworthy and fast. A dream is also about the way you look. Waterdream builds and designs premium, handcrafted aluminium boats. Waterdream's boats are all-rounders, combining the excitement of a speedboat with the comfort of a family cruiser. Waterdream specializes in high-end day-boats, luxury tenders and a modern version of the traditional Dutch yachts. 

"In every boat we unite extremes without compromise. You can cruise the canals with twenty guests one day and go water skiing behind the boat the next. Those boats are like chameleons on water."
- Bernhard Van Oranje, Founder

Only timeless, classic lines and preferably unsprayed aluminium. Puristic and understated. This is how Waterdream sees a dream boat in front of them and so they build every model this way. Make as crazy by hand as you want. If desired, Waterdream will be happy to help you put a little extra on top of it. Every boat is built to order. A carbon steering wheel? A bar? A jacuzzi? You name it. It's your dream. And in a dream, anything goes.


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